On Martin Luther King Day – PROJECT 2018

PROJECT 2018 Poor People’s Call to Action – Dr. King’s work re-envisioned fifty years on

Poor Peoples CampaignNext April 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.  His ‘last great exertion’ in 1967/68 was The Poor People’s Campaign – a  march on Washington DC that was a more radical effort than 1963. Its aim was to get racial and economic justice for all poor Americans.  He was becoming an ever greater threat to anti-progressive forces as he realised that, in addition to race, class was becoming an equally critical part of the struggle. At what was to become the end of his life, he was now mobilising black and white Americans.

At the heart of this campaign was an Economic Bill of Rights, addressing employment, health, education, land, finance and participatory government. Today in the USA, there is a renewed push to mark and re-envision the Poor People’s Campaign.

We think the time is right to build on those USA efforts and today we launch a new project to ‘internationalise’ Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign and place a renewed vision for the Economic Bill of Rights at its heart.

Why? Because 50 years since Dr. King’s death

  • The USA, UK and many other rich nations are more unequal now than in 1968 with greater levels of poverty – and in the USA with far greater levels of incarceration and war spending.
  • The richest 85 people across the globe share a combined wealth of £1trillion, as much as the poorest 3.5 billion of the world’s population.
  • And 69 out of the world’s top 100 economies are corporations.

Dr. King’s calls in 1967/68 speak to the present day, not least in his ever growing critique of capitalism, poverty and inequality.

You can’t talk about solving the economic problem of the Negro without talking about billions of dollars. You can’t talk about ending the slums without first saying profit must be taken out of slums. You’re really tampering and getting on dangerous ground because you are messing with folk then. You are messing with captains of industry. Now this means that we are treading in difficult water, because it really means that we are saying that something is wrong with capitalism.
Speech to staff, 1966

If America does not use her vast resources of wealth to end poverty and make it possible for all of God’s children to have the basic necessities of life, she too will go to hell.
Bishop Charles Mason Temple of the Church of God in Christ in support of the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike on March 18th, 1968, two weeks before he was assassinated.

anti-capitalist-protestOver the coming year PROJECT 2018 A Poor People’s Call to Action is reaching out to partners across the secular and non-secular spectrum to call for April 2018 as the first of five major mobilisations between 2018 and 2028 with King’s updated Economic Bill of Rights at their heart – mobilisations that link USA social justice movements with other social justice movements around the world.

This is the time for a global call-out of governments, institutions, big corporations and business. The 50-year anniversary of the life and work left by Dr King presents us with an opportunity to join hands, voices and actions together in our shared quest for peace and justice

In solidarity
Dionne, Deborah, Yolande and Ho-Chih.

Find out more
Project Summary (PDF)
Contact us if you’d like to know more, support or work with us to develop Project 2018.


In 2018 it will be 50 years since Martin Luther King was assassinated. His ‘last great exertion’ in 1967/68 was the Poor People’s Campaign and Economic Bill of Rights.

Project April 2018 proposes the internationalising of the 1968 Poor People’s campaign with the first of 5 global mobilisations over the coming decade 2018-2028 linking USA social justice movements with other social justice movements around the world

Project April 2018 proposes linking these mobilisations with a renewed international recognition and call for Dr King’s ambitious 1968 Economic Bill of Rights – updated for today, it offers a universal economic bill of rights fit for the 21stcentury that will reverse economic inequalities, racism, militarism and climate change.  All these factors combined are destroying families, communities, nations and the very planet we live on.

Project April 2018 – international mobilisations and a renewed Economic Bill of Rights

Wishing You A Peaceful Holiday Season

Dear colleagues and friends, supporters and funders,

Season’s Greetings

It’s been a tough year. We end 2016 with the June Brexit vote and Trump election win in November; devastating conflicts in Syria and Yemen and news that has seen Arctic temperatures rising far higher and faster than scientists had predicted.

After Trump’s USA election win, there were some in the USA who drew strength from the idea that it’s ‘darkest just before the dawn’ and that now is the time for progressives to rise to the challenge with policies and campaigns that can push the far-right back. Let’s hope this observation proves to be the case as we do all we can to support those ever-growing justice movements around the world who are fighting to make this a reality.

Below is our 2016 round-up.  Please be in touch if you want to know more, get involved or help our work in any way.  Where-ever we are, what-ever we do, there’s a lot to ‘push back’ in the coming months and years.

Best wishes this Christmas,

Deb, Kevin, Justin, Ho-Chih


We Are Many The July release of the Chilcot Report led to a second wave of interest in Amir’s film throughout the summer and into the autumn/winter, with dozens of public cinema screenings across the UK We hosted a special TPFF post-Chilcot Report event at Friends Meeting House in London and joined Amir for a special Oxford city screening with Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie, who joined Amir for the post film debate.  It is now available to buy on iTunes and DVD.

Open Bethlehem continues its journey with releases across the Middle East and North America and we were thrilled that our partners Development & Peace hosted our Canadian premiere in Montreal.  “A ninety-minute epic that transcends politics and normal cinema” wrote Daoud Kuttab, Middle East Monitor. The film is now on demand at Vimeo  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/openbethlehem and DVD  (£15.99) can be purchased here


Make Apartheid History Our December 2015 calendar was very well received and our WALL video went viral . In July, we marked MANDELA DAY with our first year video highlight loop and in August, we were delighted to showcase MAH at the Edinburgh Fringe and on the opening night of the Greenbelt Festival

From Pink to Prevention & environmental links to breast cancer A busy year! In February we finally secured a meeting with the CEO of UK’s leading breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Now (formerly Breakthrough Breast Cancer) and a blog of this important meeting is here. In May, we shared our Rachel Carson Day communication and we had a very active October Breast Cancer Awareness Month with interactive posters; an Early Day Motion tabled by Caroline Lucas; and book launch of writing by the late USA activist Barbara Brenner, hosted by UNISON. We ended the year with an article published in ‘Women & Environments’- a leading international magazine celebrating its 40th anniversary and illustrated by our campaign colleague Di Ward.

Five Percent Campaign – military spending is a ‘development issue’. In October, we attended the International Peace Bureau’s annual global gathering in Berlin.  Subsequent to our presentation, strong new Five Per Cent campaign contacts were secured in East Africa, Australia and USA and in November, we were invited to present the campaign to a regional East African peace movement gathering in Uganda.


Martin Luther King’s Economic Bill of Rights  from 1968 to 2018 and beyond. Marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Project April 2018 puts his 1968 Economic Bill of Rights at the heart of a renewed global call for us all to march on power with a progressive manifesto for transformative change. Working with partners in the USA, key founding documents are now being finalised. We aim to soft launch in the USA on MLK Day January 2017.

Attlee Festival October 2017 Reviving the much under-valued story of Clement Attlee with a fresh, contemporary cultural project looking at his legacy. This year we have been refining the project and discussing with potential partners, venues and contributors. The Attlee Nation and Unity Festival will explore how, 70 years before, politicians did push back powerful vested interests for a caring social democracy and what lessons we can bring forward for today’s vision for the future.

Next year…

Alongside the projects above, next year will see us embark on several new film partnerships which connect to our three campaigns (5%, From Pink to Prevention and Make Apartheid History).

We will also develop next-stage development of a TPFF-led documentary ‘Generosity towards the Future’. This is a project designed to lift the level of political understanding through high quality ‘essay’ or ‘vision’ films on critical issues facing ordinary British people today – rising poverty; Dickensian levels of inequality; the utter failure of housing policy; crisis across the NHS.

Finally, a big thank-you to our funders

The Ratcliff Foundation, Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation, Amiel and Melburn Trust, Trust Greenbelt; major donors and regular givers.

Thank you.

Posters, films & books – more ways to widen the breast cancer risk-factor debate this October

From Pink to Prevention activities & toolkit this Breast Cancer Prevention Month

Dear friends, supporters and colleagues,

As we find ourselves mid-way through the global fundraising phenomena that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we ask are environmental and occupational links to the disease ‘an elephant in the room’?

We want to draw attention to a breast cancer narrative that is excluded from the ‘pink’ limelight.

For decades now, scientists and activists alike have argued that the persistent exclusion of environmental and occupational risk factors for breast cancer (eg carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals) by government, breast cancer charities and industry is,  at the very least baffling and, at worst, obstructing a basic  public health right to know. We argue that the time has come for policy-makers to explain why they are refusing to acknowledge the evidence that links these risk factors to breast cancer.

We hope you find something of interest in our activities listed below – from our new online toolkit, to our book launch on 31st October, to our calls for action on breast cancer charities and politicians alike. Help us widen the breast cancer risk-factor debate – and let everyone know about this ‘elephant in the room’ each and every October.

Best wishes

Deb, Diana, Helen & Ho-Chih
From Pink to Prevention Campaign


From Pink to Prevention has produced an online ‘tool-kit’ to help you understand the nature of the problem we are facing – both in terms of the links between environmental and occupational risk factors as well as the inaction of those with the power to address it. It includes an interactive webpage, PDF and poster which brings together some of the leading experts, writers and campaigners from across Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, UK), USA, Canada, Australia and the Philippines; it also includes films to watch, in-depth resources and how to take action. Please share as widely as you can.


smtbd-invite-pictFrom Pink to Prevention supported by Unison, the Alliance for Cancer Prevention and the Breast Cancer Consortium, are hosting the launch of So Much to Be Done, a book of writings by the late Barbara Brenner, with readings by her partner of 38 years Susie Lampert. Barbara was 15 years as the director of the hugely influential organisation Breast Cancer Action based in San Francisco and was a leading contributor to the film Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Venue: UNISON Café    130 Euston Road   London NW1 2 AY
Event is free. Please RSVP to info@frompinktoprevention.org
Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided.

We advocate that better diagnostics and treatment is not mutually exclusive with looking at how our profoundly polluted environment, homes and workplaces impact on our bodies and health, while also taking into consideration the ‘precautionary principle’ – better safe than sorry.

We are delighted that Caroline Lucas MP will table an Early Day Motion to Parliament calling upon the Government to act upon the urgent inclusion of environmental and occupational risk factors into all National Cancer Plans and strategies.

It will run until spring 2017. We would like to get as many MPs signing as possible. Once our EDM is live, we will let you know!

Keep in touch and follow us on

Autumn News

Dear friends, supporters and colleagues,We hope there is something here for everyone in our autumn round-up, whether film related, campaign related – or both.

It’s been a summer where we have seen no let-up of the horrors inflicted by all sides on the people of Syria; calls to halt the sales of UK arms to Saudi Arabia as it continues its attacks on Yemen’s civilian population; Donald Trump seemingly rising in the polls; confusion after Brexit; and an unhealthy media preoccupation with Jeremy Corbyn resulting in attention to deeper domestic issues inevitably being sidelined.

But we are seeing progress in one hugely significant area. TTIP is now on the ropes. It has been a long battle – and it’s not over yet – but it proves that civil society’s determination to take on huge vested interests can pay off, as hundreds of thousands citizens across the EU who took part in the effort to stop TTIP can testify to.

We are working across a variety of projects that connect with many of the issues above.  A short round-up is below.  As always, a big thanks to ALL our funders – individuals and grant-makers alike.

Best wishes
From all at Tipping Point North South


We Are Many is now available to buy on iTunes and DVD. The release of the Chilcot Report led to a second wave of interest in Amir’s film with numerous screenings across the UK. This included a special TPFF hosted post-Chilcot Report event at Friends Meeting House in London, home to the first anti-Iraq war movement meeting; and a special Oxford city screening with Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie, who joined Amir for the post film debate. And with the ongoing attention on Jeremy Corbyn, a contributor throughout the film, We Are Many also remains pertinent to current Labour Party debates as well as wider public debate, on the subject of UK foreign and military policy-making.

Open Bethlehem We are delighted that the English language version can now be streamed here on Vimeo. Leila’s film is now on release in Canada and the Montreal premiere was made possible with support from our Candian funding partners, Development and Peace. This follows on the heels of a successful spring /summer tour of Middle East countries, including several very special screenings in Bethlehem itself. Here’s a review describing Open Bethlehem as one of the five films to help you understand the modern Arab world. Finally, as of this month, we welcome Sara Apps, formerly Palestine Solidarity Campaign, to the Open Bethlehem team.

The Shadow World The Edinburgh Film Festival’s Best Cinema Documentary prize went to this eye-opening documentary about the shocking realities of the global arms trade. Director Johan Grimonprez and writer Andrew Feinstein pose the question ‘will we be allowed to choose peace over the business of war’?  The film is based on Feinstein’s extraordinary book of the same name which uncovered the real cost of war, the way the arms trade drives it and how weapons are now being turned against the citizens of liberal democracies. We hope to work with this film in 2017 and in relation to our Five Per Cent campaign on runaway military spending.

Ken Loach has uploaded all his films to youtube. Start working your way through FIVE decades of utterly brilliant work…

And connected to our work this coming October Breast Cancer Awareness month, why not take a look at the brilliant work of French investigative journalist and film-maker Stephane Horel.We are looking forward to working with both her films Endocrination and Le Grande Invasion as part of our From Pink to Prevention campaign activity (more below). Stéphane has investigated the links between business, government and public health policy, with a special focus on a class of chemicals called endocrine (hormone) disruptors.


MAHMake Apartheid History We marked our first year’s activity on Mandela Day (July 18th) and released a short highlights compilation video, which was screened as part of Palestine related events at the Edinburgh Festival (Café Palestina) and Greenbelt Festival, where TPFF hosted an event showcasing our MAH work. Next year sees some significant anniversaries including 100 years since the Balfour Declaration – we are working with our MAH partners on plans to mark this and other key calendar moments in 2017.

The Five Percent Campaign The UK is now number 2 in the world’s arms sales table, thanks largely to the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. The world’s No. 1 arms dealer, the United States alone has sold more than $115 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia under Obama’s presidency. India is on a $150bn military spending spree. Oxfam and CAAT are keeping up public and political pressure on the issue of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia. We are calling for runaway military spending to be placed in the same category of international campaigns as debt cancellation, trade, tax and climate justice. While we continue to share 5% with our NGO colleagues here in the UK, we look forward to attending the forthcoming annual International Peace Bureau gathering in Berlin where we can share our ideas with colleagues across the world.

From Pink to Prevention Next month is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will be hosting a special book launch event at UNISON on Mon 31st October with the publication of So Much To Be Done by the late American activist Barbara Brenner.  We’re also producing a public awareness tool which we hope will help spread awareness about an elephant in the room – the role of environmental and occupational exposures in the global breast cancer epidemic.
More to come in our next Breast Cancer Month October newsletter.


As part of our economic justice work, we have developed several new projects rooted in recent history but with a profound resonance for today. They include Attlee Nation and Attlee Festival for 2017 and Project 2018 based on Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign and Economic Bill of Rights. Both projects are now moving forward as we secure collaborations with like-minded networks and organisations which can help in the realisation of work that is rooted in the legacy handed to us by those who have come before, in the struggle for social justice.

If you would like to know more about our work, email  info@tippingpointnorthsouth.org

Make Apartheid History celebrates Mandela Day​

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

July 18th is International Mandela Day. It asks ‘what will you do to serve your fellow human beings?’.

One of the things you can do to answer this call, is to support Palestinian civil society’s call for boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel until it complies with international law and to make apartheid history, once and for all.  As South Africans, and over many years,  Nelson Mandela and his dear friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, made their support for the Palestinian struggle clear as they saw the parallels between apartheid South Africa and Israel/Palestine.

Make Apartheid History launched one year ago. We are marking this Mandela Day by sharing a short video loop of the highlights of our first year’s activity. We hope you enjoy this compilation of short films, events and performances.

MAHMake Apartheid History is an international project that brings together creative individuals, organisations and networks from around the world – starting with Palestine and the UK; South Africa and USA – for a programme of popular events connecting civil rights, anti-apartheid and Palestinian solidarity movements which commenced summer 2015.

We thank the many artists and campaigners who have supported our activity to date – from Palestine and the UK, USA and South Africa.

If you’d like to find out more about why the term ‘apartheid’ can be applied to Israel’s policies, here is our ‘rationale.’

Together we can MAKE APARTHEID HISTORY once and for all.

Best wishes from everyone on the Make Apartheid History team.

Make Apartheid History is supported by Trust Greenbelt and Amiel & Melburn Trust.

supported-by-trust-greenbelt_white Amiel


Save The Date: July 14 WE ARE MANY Special London Screening + iTunes release

Thursday 14th July
Special Public Screening at Friends House

A special screening of Amir Amirani’s film WE ARE MANY will take place at the venue where the anti-Iraq invasion movement started: Friends House in London. It is timed to mark the release of the Chilcot Inquiry the previous week. The post film discussion will include Amir Amirani & guest speakers.

Doors open 6.30pm. Film starts 7.10pm (running time 1hr 50 mins) Panel / Q&A to follow. Event ends 9.30pm.
Tickets  £5 (no advance ticket sales – buy on the night only)
Venue: Friends House 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

More post-Chilcot Report cinema screenings in July…

The film is also getting a second wave release in selected cinemas across the UK, especially timed to mark the release of the Chilcot Report on July 6th.

NB We’re delighted that our Oxford screening on Wednesday 13th July will be welcoming Larry Sanders, Bernie Sanders brother. Larry will join Amir for a Q&A after the film.

To find out more visit

Website http://wearemany.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearemanymovie
Twitter: @WeAreManyMovie

And finally, the good news! DVD and iTunes release

WE ARE MANY will be available on iTunes from July 18th and DVD from August 1st. It has been acquired by UNIVERSAL PICTURES for worldwide distribution (excluding North America). Planning is now underway for the theatrical release of the film in the USA.

For more information

Website http://wearemany.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearemanymovie
Twitter: @WeAreManyMovie

“A work of beautiful rage. Provokes anger and goosebumps”

“consistently intelligent and nuanced”

“incredibly ambitious… gripping. The only film I’ve ever watched where the audience started clapping halfway through…” ★★★★★
Huffington Post

“rousing and moving, it’s a film that should be seen by the many” ★★★★☆
Radio Times

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Sharing And Celebrating The Work And The Activism Of The Amazing Rachel Carson


We at Tipping Point, through our work on our From Pink to Prevention campaign, are proud to be marking the birthday of an extraordinary woman –the citizen/scientist Rachel Carson.

Please visit our campaign website, where two new blog posts will take you on the amazing Rachel Carson journey.

In the words of our colleague Diana Ward:

Rachel Carson was an outstanding communicator and translator of science into everyday language. Although her research-based facts and discoveries were familiar to others working in the same research field, it was only when they were published in easily read book form that they first reached the public consciousness.Here for all to read and understand was shocking scientific evidence of harm to every form of life from the widespread use and persistent presence of manmade chemicals in the environment. Her book, published in 1962, ‘Silent Spring’ was, and still is, a stark wake-up call to the irreversible consequences for all living organisms, as well as to the extreme risks from the multiplier effects of such toxic chemicals for humans at the top of the food chain.

In the bigger picture drawn by Carson, her emphasis on risks to human health from the use and release into the environment of manmade chemical compounds has yet to be  acknowledged and incorporated in preventive health research programming of cancer research organisations and charities.

As long as this situation is allowed to continue, public awareness of the scientifically proven links between risks to health and muliple everyday exposures to synthetic chemicals, will remain lost to view.

In terms of significance for human health, the existing disconnect between the role of environmentally introduced chemicals in human diseases and conditions is on a par with climate change. Together they constitute the major 21st century challenge that must be confronted and resolved by the application of scientific knowledge for the benefit and not the destruction of life.

Di Ward – Campaigner From Pink to Prevention and
lead author Breast Cancer: an environmental disease. The case for Primary Prevention,
UK Working Group on Breast Cancer 2005


Our work at From Pink to Preventionis to keep asking The Big Questionof all those individuals, organisations and institutions with the power to make or to influence decisions on breast cancer incidence in particular WHY they persist in refusing to acknowledge the role of environmental and occupational toxicants and WHY they persist in ignoring decades of evidence up to the present day – from organisations such as World Health Organisation and the EU and other respected scientific bodies – on which the link between our lifelong (womb to grave) exposures to toxic chemicals and substances and the escalating incidence of breast cancer, among many other diseases, is based.

Rachel Carson would be asking the same questions. She died at the age of 56, from breast cancer, just 2 years after the publication of Silent Spring. We are forever in her debt.

Read more: The Power of Words – why a book from 1962 inspires our work today; and Rachel Carson: in print, in film and why her legacy is of such scale.

Best Wishes
Deb, Helen and Diana
From Pink to Prevention campaigns team

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Join @pink_prevention in following the example set by #RachelCarsonDay to speak up about the harm to human health posed by chemicals + to get key players to take action. #NoMoreSilentSpring

If you are concerned or want to take action on this issue, please sign our petition at