Film Club


Tipping Point Film Fund (TPFF) has screened the following films at a variety of venues – cinemas, summer festivals, community based venues. Every event is researched thoroughly in terms of the issue(s) addressed and is always presented by and chaired by TPFF. Each and every event has expert panel speakers or a director’s Q&A, sometimes joined by other expert speakers.

The films cover a wide range of international issues : rich world/developing world economic imbalance; environmental issues; race; human rights; war and conflict; the financial crash; Israel/Palestine; activism. These films cover a wide geographical spread –Africa; Asia; Latin America; Middle East; China; Europe and the USA and reflect our passion for widening debate about the fundamental nature of the relationship between those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’ – whatever that may look like – and what we need to do to address this and change it for the better.

The Spirit of '45 We’re Not Broke Pink Ribbons Inc

We Went to War In Prison My Whole Life Four Horsemen

Just Do It The Future of Hope Inside Job

Inside the Revolution: Chavez and Venezuela Son of Babylon An African Election

Dirty Oil The Yes Men Fix the World South of the Border

God Bless You Barack Obama The Great African Scandal Iraq: War Love God Madness

When China Met Africa The End of Poverty? The Take

Black Gold Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army Capitalism: A Love Story

Life and Debt Vanishing of the Bees Burma VJ

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The list of films we’ve screened:

  1. Life and Debt
  2. Vanishing of the Bees
  3. Burma VJ
  4. Black Gold
  5. Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army
  6. Capitalism: A Love Story
  7. When China Met Africa
  8. The End of Poverty?
  9. The Take
  10. God Bless You Barack Obama
  11. The Great African Scandal
  12. Iraq: War Love God Madness
  13. Dirty Oil
  14. The Yes Men Fix the World
  15. South of the Border
  16. Inside the Revolution: Chavez and Venezuela
  17. Son of Babylon
  18. An African Election
  19. Inside Job
  20. The Future of Hope
  21. Just Do It
  22. Four Horsemen
  23. In Prison My Whole Life
  24. We Went to War
  25. Pink Ribbons Inc
  26. We’re Not Broke
  27. The Spirit of ’45
  28. Sing Your Song
  29. We Are Many
  30. Open Bethlehem