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We Are Many

It is the story of an untold chapter in the history of people power. By turns uplifting and chilling, it reveals both the power and potential of ordinary people, as well as the dark underbelly of the war machine.
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The Power of Us

The Power of Us, a film about co-operation, is fully developed.
Co-operation is in our DNA – from the personal to the political, from the social to the economic. The fruits of this human endeavour is all around us to see – and not least in the global economy where co-ops have a turnover of $1.1 trillion, represent 800m members securing the livelihoods of 3bn people.
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King Assassination Project (Working Title)

The film will look at more than 40 years of controversy surrounding the case. More importantly – and uniquely –offers an opportunity to put the case that King’s assassination was a direct result of the threat posed from his latter years activity(1965-68) as he led the civil rights movement into anti-Vietnam War and Economic Justice coalition building. Continue reading