Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation

PPCF have committed two years funding to the development of The Five Percent Campaign.

The Ratcliff Foundation

The Racliff Foundation have given TPNS a second grant for our work to develop the From Pink to Prevention campaign, in association with the Alliance for Cancer Prevention.

Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust

With thank to Amiel & Melburn Trust for support of Make Apartheid History‘s educational and informational activities..

Trust Greenbelt

Thanks to Trust Greenbelt for funding support of our Make Apartheid History project.

We thank all our funders – grant makers and individual donors alike – for their support of our work.

Special thanks to War On Want who act as our occasional ‘fiscal sponsor.’

Film Fund

Partners and Supporters on Tipping Point Film Fund projects include:

  • Trust Greenbelt
  • Development & Peace (Canada)
  • Trocaire (Ireland)
  • McCabe Educational Trust
  • Christian Aid
  • The Clark Foundation
  • The Co-operative
  • Iambic Dreams