Event: TPFF at Greenbelt 2013

Tipping Point’s Programme – 24,25,26 August

“Greenbelt ranks alongside Glastonbury as my favourite festival gig of the summer.”  Mark Thomas.

TPFF looks forward to another bank holiday Greenbelt festival – and a special one as Greenbelt celebrates its 40thBirthday!

And our three day programme stays with the ‘anniversary’ theme as 50 years on, we mark Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech through the beautifully told story of his fellow civil rights friend and activist, the extra-ordinary Harry Belafonte; we preview TPFF supported film by Amir Amirani ‘We Are Many’ – a film marking  the 10th anniversary of the 2003 global anti-Iraq war marches; and eight years on from Make Poverty History,  we look at the tax campaign related outcomes of the recent G8 meeting as we screen the highly popular ‘We’re Not Broke’ – a film about corporates, tax avoidance and citizens.

We’ll be there Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 2pm-4.30pm at the film venue.  Each screening is followed by post film discussion with specially invited guests…

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Event: Cancer Prevention – A Toxic Tour


On the 29th June 2013, From Pink to Prevention organised a toxic tour in Central London. The tour took in various sites of significance in relation to cancer prevention – or rather the lack of action on cancer prevention by government offices and other bodies.

Blue Plaque

At each venue speakers addressed various aspects in relation to the total lack of action on the part of governments and the cancer establishment on the issue of the primary prevention of cancer (ie stopping it before it starts).  They discussed their work on the issue and posted up Blue Plaques announcing ‘Cancer Prevention does not live here’ at each site to commemorate the visit.
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Event: Tax and the Civilised Society (8 June 2013)

Saturday 8th June proved to be a truly enjoyable day – two movies plus great discussions and a walk through the quiet streets of the City of London, with all its formidable architecture, bathed in glorious sunshine was a welcome bonus. We had great feedback all round – from walkers to audiences and participants too. What stood out? The quality and depth of the debate and discussion.

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Event: Screening and panel discussion of “The Spirit of ’45”

Film: “The Spirit of ’45

Ken Loach’s ‘The Spirit of 45’ shows how the post-war Attlee government undertook the most extensive and radical overhaul of industry and public services, despite the economy being in dire straits. ‘The Spirit of 45’ legacy lives on in the NHS, but it and many other public services are under attack;  the divide between the rich and the rest, has become greater; and the nation’s political and financial power resides again, within a very small circle of decision-makers. So what stands in the way of reviving the ‘common good?’ And how do we pay for it?

8 June 2013

Panel Discussion: The ‘Spirit of 45’ – reviving the ‘common good’ and how to pay for


(Intro) Deborah Burton, Tipping Point Film Fund
(Chair) John Hilary, War on Want
John Christensen, Tax Justice Network
Lord Maurice Glasman (academic, social thinker and Labour life peer)
Polly Courtney (author Golden Handcuffs, a biting semi-autobiographical exposé on life in the Square Mile and a regular commentator in the press as well the BBC and Channel 4 News)
Chris Ford, Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB)

Special thanks to Dogwoof and the Barbican.

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Event: Screening and panel discussion of ‘We’re Not Broke’

Film: ‘We’re Not Broke

Award-winning director-producer team Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce tell the story of how U.S. corporations have been able to hide over a trillion dollars from Uncle Sam, and how seven fed-up Americans from across the country, take their frustration to the streets.

8 June 2013

Panel Discussion: tax avoidance, evasion and impact on global south


Nick Dearden, Jubilee Debt Campaign
Liz Nelson, Tax Justice Network
Pablo Navarrete, film-maker and founder of Alborada, a website covering Latin America related issues
Tom Pursey, activist and founder member of UK Uncut

Chaired by Deborah Burton, Tipping Point Film Fund

Special Thanks to St Ethelburga’s Centre for their hosting of this event

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Tax Justice Network & TPFF Day

Tax Justice Network & TPFF Day

Tax and the Civilised Society

Saturday 8th June  10.30am-5.30pm

Tax Justice Network and Tipping Point Film Fund are jointly organising a day of activity in London on Saturday 8th June designed to engage all those – public and campaigners alike – who would like to know more about why tax matters to society and therefore the need  to intensify the spotlight on tax avoidance. The day will include two film screenings with panel discussions, a ‘revelatory’ walking tour of the City of London and a great list of contributors to the day’s events.
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Event: TPFF at Greenbelt Festival 2012

Another great Greenbelt line-up for 2012 and TPFF also had a more expanded programme. Operation Bethlehem previewed with a special Q&A with Leila Sansour and Jeremy Hardy. We hosted the TPFF regular three day documentary programme, and also hosted a film programme in the Christian Aid tent. We were delighted to be partnering with Christian Aid on film-related activity at Greenbelt 2012.

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