Attlee Remembered

Attlee Remembered

“Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim”
— Clement Attlee

This is a project developed by TPNS embracing a festival – an Attlee Festival – framed by a wider public awareness campaign we call ‘Attlee Nation’. Intended for all generations, it wants to illustrate how, 70 years ago, politicians did push back powerful vested interests for a caring social democracy as Clement Attlee’s government oversaw the largest and most wide-ranging domestic social reform programme. Despite being in the most difficult of times, his 1945-51 administration borrowed, invested and nationalised in order to lay down the foundation for the welfare state and the NHS; expanding public housing and revitalising core industries. All this delivered a rapid rise in living standards, decreasing inequality and growing prosperity.

“Attlee’s political genius was to give people a sense of hope, a clear route map out of depression, war and austerity towards the social and economic justice they craved. His government rebuilt Britain, and the next government needs the political courage to do the same – including giving working people a voice so we can help build a more equal, more democratic country. We must not miss the chance again.”
— Frances O’Grady, Gen Sec TUC (The Guardian, 26/4/13)

Attlee set the ‘terms of reference’ for progressive domestic policy for the next 70 years. While many older citizens know this history, many others do not. What lessons we can bring forward for today’s ‘austerity’ debate? How do we ensure that the ‘terms of reference’ for the next 70 years are just as ambitious; that they rebuild the legacy by pushing back those economic interests that would ultimately destroy this legacy?  How do we prize and protect the notion of ‘generosity to the future’ so powerfully embodied in the Attlee administration?

Attlee was “the twentieth century’s greatest prime minister’’ according to an IPSOS-MORI poll of historians and political scientists (2004)

If you have heard of Churchill, then you should also know about Attlee. And if you don’t know much at all, check the history, and ask why?

Read more on the background and the project here.

Attlee Nation website:


Our first Attlee Festival was hosted by Sands Films Studios, Rotherhithe, London. ‘Attlee Remembered’ took place on 7th and 8th October 2017, marking 50 years since Attlee’s death on 7 October 1967.

ProgrammeWe have a wonderful line-up of contributors for our films, discussions & performance programme. PDF version here.

Contributors biographies (with yet more names TBC).

Single sessions on Eventbrite.

Films are free (but must be booked), discussions £3, Theatre £5.

Weekend pass to all events £10 and only available by calling the Box Office on 020 7231 2209.

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Make Apartheid History Launch

Here is a selection of Make Apartheid History videos. Make Apartheid History (once and for all) is an international project that will bring together creative individuals, organisations and networks from around the world – starting with Palestine and the UK; South Africa and USA – for a programme of popular events connecting civil rights, anti-apartheid and Palestinian solidarity movements. Commencing summer 2015 and culminating summer 2016.

TPNS works with film-makers and in house freelancers to produce all MAH short video made in the UK. We also co-devise our key MAH short films with our lead partners in Palestine – OPGAI and PSCC – who produce the Palestinian content.

Here is the YouTube playlist of the whole selection:


Some highlights are:

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Event: Cancer Prevention – A Toxic Tour


On the 29th June 2013, From Pink to Prevention organised a toxic tour in Central London. The tour took in various sites of significance in relation to cancer prevention – or rather the lack of action on cancer prevention by government offices and other bodies.

Blue Plaque

At each venue speakers addressed various aspects in relation to the total lack of action on the part of governments and the cancer establishment on the issue of the primary prevention of cancer (ie stopping it before it starts).  They discussed their work on the issue and posted up Blue Plaques announcing ‘Cancer Prevention does not live here’ at each site to commemorate the visit.
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We Need Your Support

We Need Your Support

Funding for our work at Tipping Point North South comes, in part, from concerned individuals who share our belief in the power of ordinary people coming together to push for social justice. All our activities – films, events, campaigns – tackle important, political and often marginalised social, economic and environmental issues. This, in addition to our own ethical requirement, limits our sources of funding, especially in this current climate of austerity. Our main sources of funding to date, namely grants and major donors, have also been hit by the recession. Nevertheless, our belief that our “creative activism” is integral to a healthy civil society is reflected in the feedback we receive about our work. We know it chimes with concerned citizens, many of whom express their admiration and encourage us to carry on. This makes us determined to build on the reputation gained, along with key creative partnerships formed in recent years, to expand the scale and scope of our work.

Become my patron on PatreonThis is why we  are reaching out to you – to ask you to join our core patron base. With your support, we can spend all our time and energy on our core work – executive producing films, managing social-action campaigns and organising campaigning events – and make a difference to the world around us without the need to worry about day-to-day costs and expenses. You can be the ‘tipping point’ to enable our Film Fund to significantly support one or two films in any given year, as well as in-house funding to organise international/national social justice events and campaigns.

We have chosen to use the established international crowdfunding platform Patreon to manage our patrons and their donations. Unlike Kickstarter, it is not one-off project based; rather, it focuses on helping us gain sustainable income so we can concentrate on realising our “creative activism” by continuously making feature documentaries, creating events and taking our social justice campaigns forward. Patrons can pay with Paypal, Credit/Debit cards. Patreon make it much easier for us to manage our relationships with our patrons, to interact with them and to communicate with them more frequently than our regular newsletters.

We need your support, please join now to become our patron. Please visit our Patreon page if you are interested in becoming our patron or reading about our latest activities (we also have a blog there).

We would be delighted to hear from you, discuss further with you about our work and how you can get involved: contact us.

Event: Tax and the Civilised Society (8 June 2013)

Saturday 8th June proved to be a truly enjoyable day – two movies plus great discussions and a walk through the quiet streets of the City of London, with all its formidable architecture, bathed in glorious sunshine was a welcome bonus. We had great feedback all round – from walkers to audiences and participants too. What stood out? The quality and depth of the debate and discussion.

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Event: TPFF at Greenbelt Festival 2012

Another great Greenbelt line-up for 2012 and TPFF also had a more expanded programme. Operation Bethlehem previewed with a special Q&A with Leila Sansour and Jeremy Hardy. We hosted the TPFF regular three day documentary programme, and also hosted a film programme in the Christian Aid tent. We were delighted to be partnering with Christian Aid on film-related activity at Greenbelt 2012.

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