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“ The need for documentaries that ask hard political questions is greater than ever, as the main TV producers and channels abdicate their responsibility. So many stories to tell, so few make it to the screen. Good luck to Tipping Point Film Fund.”

Ken Loach – film director and Palme d’Or winner

So far, TPFF has acted as executive producer for two feature-length documentaries:  Open Bethlehem and We Are Many.
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Tipping Point Film Fund


The world of the tipping point is a place where the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than a possibility. It is – contrary to all our expectations – a certainty.

Malcolm Gladwell, Author of ‘The Tipping Point’.

Those at TPFF have a passion for Film & Social Justice in equal measure and our roots are deep in the social action campaigning world where, to understand the big issues affecting all of us, you need to dive deep into the structures that underpin them. We know film can help us to understand these big issues and we need your help to do this.

Film: We Are Many

We Are Many is a film about a single day and its aftermath. It is the story of an untold chapter in the history of people power. By turns uplifting and chilling, it reveals both the power and potential of ordinary people, as well as the dark underbelly of the war machine.  It also draws a connecting line from 2003 to the present-day global activist networks as well as the wave of citizen protests seen across the world, beginning with the Arab Spring.

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Make Apartheid History Launch

Here is a selection of Make Apartheid History videos. Make Apartheid History (once and for all) is an international project that will bring together creative individuals, organisations and networks from around the world – starting with Palestine and the UK; South Africa and USA – for a programme of popular events connecting civil rights, anti-apartheid and Palestinian solidarity movements. Commencing summer 2015 and culminating summer 2016.

TPNS works with film-makers and in house freelancers to produce all MAH short video made in the UK. We also co-devise our key MAH short films with our lead partners in Palestine – OPGAI and PSCC – who produce the Palestinian content.

Here is the YouTube playlist of the whole selection:


Some highlights are:

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Film: Just Do It


The inside story of some of the UK’s biggest troublemakers, Just Do It is a feature documentary about environmental direct action. Crowd funded and released in 2011, Just Do It follows some fantastically inspiring women and men who most definitely got off their derrieres and did something – and made a difference. What more can you ask for?!
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Film: Black Gold


Tipping Point Film Fund was created as a result of its co-founders’ previous support for Black Gold, during their time at international development agency Christian Aid. The film broke new ground for film-led social action campaigning in the UK.