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Film Projects

We Are Many
UK release May 2015; second-wave release summer 2016. The story of the biggest peace march in human history, 15 February 2003. In over 800 cities around the world, 30 million people protested against the planned invasion of Iraq

Open Bethlehem
UK release Dec 2014-July 2015; North America release beginning autumn 2016. This personal film by Leila Sansour was shot in Bethlehem over four Christmases, as piece-by-piece, hundreds of slabs of concrete are lowered into place to build a wall that will seal the city from the outside world.

The Power of Us
Developed. The Power of Us, a new film about co-operation, is fully developed and seeking production funding.

Make Apartheid History Shorts
Since 2015, Tipping Point has delivered a number of short films for the Make Apartheid History project – the follow up to Bethlehem Unwrapped.

I’m fully supportive of what Tipping Point Film Fund is doing. To use the medium of film to move and inspire people to get involved in important social justice issues is critical… we have an opportunity right now… we must make use of that opportunity and momentum and ensure our voices are heard.
Danny Glover (Actor, Producer and Campaigner)

Partners & Supporters

Partners on Tipping Point Film Fund supported projects include:

  • Trust Greenbelt
  • Development & Peace (Canada)
  • Trocaire (Ireland)
  • McCabe Educational Trust
  • Christian Aid
  • The Clark Foundation
  • The Co-operative
  • Iambic Dream