We Are Many

We Are Many

Amirani Films
Producer/Director Amir Amirani

In Cinemas May 22, 2015

In selected UK cinemas July 2016

Tipping Point Film Fund is proud to be supporting this project with funding, fundraising and campaign outreach support.

The Context

This film is being made at a time where ‘people power’ is coming into its own, again. The Arab Spring, Occupy Movements around the world, the Indignados in Spain. From Wall Street to Wisconsin, from Madrid to Athens, and all across the Middle East, people are rising up to make their voices heard.  We are going through a unique period of popular protest, seeing the start of a mass, global movement, demanding real democracy and justice.  The anti-war marches of 2003 played a huge role in laying the ground for much of this global activism.


The Film

‘We Are Many  is a film about a single day and its aftermath. It is the story of an untold chapter in the history of people power. By turns uplifting and chilling, it reveals both the power and potential of ordinary people, as well as the dark underbelly of the war machine.  It also draws a connecting line from 2003 to the present-day global activist networks as well as the wave of citizen protests seen across the world, beginning with the Arab Spring.

On February 15 2003, in a totally unprecedented event, 15 million people, some say up to 30 million, in over 800 cities around the world across all seven continents, marched against the impending war on Iraq. But how did this come about? The film will chronicle the birth, growth and rise of a new kind of movement, from those that built it, participated in it, and those who opposed it. From the stories of mothers who marched while their soldier sons went to war, to stories of men and women who had never marched before in their lives; from scientists protesting in Antarctica, to September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows protesting in New York; the story of February 15 2003 is a journey into the heart of a movement that became transformed into a phenomenon. The film recounts the twists and turns of these opposing forces, the revelations and leaks, inquiries and high level hearings which have come to light since the invasion.

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1.  UK release

For details of the wider general release, please visit

2. DVD and iTunes

WE ARE MANY will be available on iTunes from July 18th and DVD from August 1st.  It has been acquired by UNIVERSAL PICTURES for worldwide distribution (excluding North America). Planning is now underway for the theatrical release of the film in the USA.

The We Are Many website will be a resource on many levels – from story sharing to learning more about how to get involved with some of the many issues raised in the film. We at Tipping Point are also working on our in-house developed campaign focussed on runaway military spending, developed alongside our work on the film.

We hope the film can raise debate on many inter-connected issues that the Iraq War has raised, and will continue to raise – from the value of protest to political accountability; from the costs of war to the bringing of charges of war crimes to those who took us into this disastrous conflict.


Website http://wearemany.com/

Trailer: https://youtu.be/yOpa8y2TIy8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearemanymovie

Twitter: @WeAreManyMovie


‘We Are Many premiere screening takes Sheffield Doc/fest by storm. The reception for Amir’s  film about the world’s largest protest – the anti-Iraq invasion protests of 2003 – was incredible, getting a standing ovation from the audience, much feedback on twitter and some brilliant reviews.


“A work of beautiful rage. Provokes anger and goosebumps”

“consistently intelligent and nuanced”

“incredibly ambitious… gripping. The only film I’ve ever watched where the audience started clapping halfway through…” ★★★★★
Huffington Post

“rousing and moving, it’s a film that should be seen by the many” ★★★★☆
Radio Times

The Huffington Post UK: ‘We Are Many’ Film Review – A Tireless Look At Events Leading To And From Stop The War March 2003 ★★★★★

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The Star: Sheffield Doc/Fest Best of Fest

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