TPFF at Greenbelt 2012

TPFF Programme at Greenbelt 25,26,27 August

“Greenbelt ranks alongside Glastonbury as my favourite festival gig of the summer.”  Mark Thomas.

Another great Greenbelt line-up for 2012 and TPFF also has a more expanded programme this year. The Road to Bethlehem will preview with a special Q&A with Leila Sansour and Jeremy Hardy; we host the TPFF regular three day documentary programme; and we’ll also be hosting a film programme in the Christian Aid tent. We are delighted to be partnering with Christian Aid on film-related activity at Greenbelt 2012.



Saturday 25 August ~ 9pm ~ the FILM Venue

We are delighted to be hosting a pre-release preview of Leila Sansour’s film at Greenbelt. Tipping Point Film Fund’s Deborah Burton will introduce the evening’s event which will include a post film discussion with Leila Sansour and Jeremy Hardy. Tipping Point Film Fund is The Road to Bethlehem’s lead partner in the UK and previously screened Leila’s first film at Greenbelt: ‘Jeremy Hardy vs The Israeli Army’.

On Sunday the 26th of August at 12:30PM Leila Sansour, Jeremy Hardy and the Road to Bethlehem team invite all Greenbelt visitors to a special Bethlehem passport granting ceremony. The event will be captured on camera for inclusion in the film when it goes on national release in the UK and the US. A key component of the film’s OPEN BETHLEHEM campaign is the honorary Bethlehem Passport granted to anyone wishing to become an ambassador of the city and to make their own journey to Bethlehem.


Saturday 25 August ~ In Prison My Whole Life ~ 2-5pm

As part of Greenbelt’s Criminal Justice campaign focus TPFF is showing the highly acclaimed film by Will Francome and Marc Evans.

This incisive documentary unfolds through the eyes of Will Francome, who was born on the same day as African American Mumia Abu Jamal’s arrest for a crime many argue he did not commit. A death row sentence has now been commuted to life. Will came to Mumia’s story as a young boy through his American mother, who had followed Mumia’s arrest and subsequent campaign. Made in 2007, the film remains current and has gone on to raise a lot more attention about Mumia’s case.

Q&A with Will Francome (writer and co-director) & Martin Glynn. Martin Glynn is a criminologist, ethnographer and lecturer whose areas of expertise cover a wide spectrum and include race and crime and critical race theory. He combines years of experience of working at ‘street level’, including many years in prison residencies, with his academic career, making him one of the most authoritative voices on these issues in the UK.

Sunday 26 August ~ The Four Horsemen ~ 2-5pm

Rather than condemning bankers, politicians or the media, the ‘Four Horsemen’ (of the apocalypse) feature documentary puts the whole system up for discussion. Many leading ‘insider’ economists as well as more radical commentators share their observations  and conclusions on how capitalism has failed and what it must do if it is to ‘redeem’ itself.

This thought provoking film has been a hit with audiences around the world since its release in spring 2012.

Q&A  with the film’s director Ross Ashcroft, who will explore the many issues covered in this broad-sweeping film. Ross is also co-founder of the website ‘Renegade Economist’ and the company ‘Motherlode’, where he co-ordinates campaigns for clients and directs film.

To explore some of the issues raised in the film, we will also be joined by former Christian Aid tax policy expert David McNair.

Monday 27 August ~ The Future of Hope, The Iceland Film ~ 1-4pm

As part of the Festival’s theme this year – Saving Paradise – this film speaks strongly to this hope…

Henry Bateman’s film takes us from the origins of the Icelandic financial crash, through to the present day, exploring the consequences and the solutions. His engaging cast of characters explain the levels of indebtedness upon which the Icelandic economy grew to depend; the impact on the entire population when the bubble burst; and the urgent need for new thinking if they – and by extension, us – are to create a more equitable, sustainable economy for all.

Q&A with Future of Hope producer Amy Nelson. Amy specialises in the funding and distribution of documentary projects at Spier. Prior to joining Spier Amy was Head of Programming at TVF International, a leading factual distributor. We’ll explore what lessons can be applied from the Icelandic solutions we see in the film, to the UK. Also joining us will be Christian Aid climate campaigner Clare Fussel who will share some of her thoughts on the climate change concerns of the developing world and how some of the concerns of the film resonate for her work.


In these days of the Arab Spring, Occupy and the 99% movement, there is a growing  sense that the global public is acquiring a deeper understanding of how those who hold power operate and therefore how to take effective action to bring about change as well as accountability. To illustrate this, we are screening two revealing and inspiring films. Screenings and post film discussions hosted by TPFF co-founder Kevin McCullough.

‘Just Do It’: Emily James’ film Just Do It tells the inspiring story of some amazing men and women who can show you how to make a difference, no matter how BIG the issue! TPFF is proud to have been a supporter of Emily James’s new film. “smart, funny, adrenalised portrait of 21st-century activism” which “bristles with energy.”  The Guardian

The End of Poverty? Narrated by Martin Sheen, director Phillipe Diaz takes us on a historical journey right up to the present day,  linking  European nations and the USA to Latin America, Asia and Africa, in order to explain better how and why such widespread poverty exists today in the global south and how we in the north are implicated, through the centuries.

We hope to see you there!

Deb, Jen and Kev will be attending – so do come by and say hello if you’re Greenbelting this year!

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