Guardian Review: Why ‘Open Bethlehem’ is the one film you should see this week

Dear Friends,

The cinema release of Open Bethlehem will kickstart tomorrow December 5th at Genesis Cinema in London. The full listing of screenings in December can be found here. Book your tickets now to watch the Guardian’s ‘must-see film’ of the week:

“Leila Sansour’s documentary Open Bethlehem follows her campaign to stop occupying Israeli forces encircling her hometown with a concrete wall. Sansour’s film, which follows her attempts to unite Christians, Muslims and Jews in their desire for free access to the Holy City, is the kind of art that peace processes are built on.”      Peter Bradshaw

Watch the whole Guardian’s whole video review here.

TPFF will host 2 screenings – the first will be on this coming Sunday:

15.30pm, 07 Dec, KENSAL RISE, Lexi Cinema
18.00pm, 19 Dec, BRIXTON, Ritzy Picturehouse

We hope you can join us – experience what is a truly authentic Christmas film in cinemas across the UK this December.

Best wishes

Deborah & Leila