Illegal weapons can be easily bought on Amazon online

Banned and dangerous weapons, many of them disguised as everyday items, are being routinely and illegally sold to online shoppers on, a Guardian investigation has found.

Illegal weapons, including some reputedly developed for military and police forces, have been put up for sale in breach of UK firearms and offensive weapons laws. …

The stun gun and cap were dispatched to the Guardian by independent Amazon sellers in the US and Israel respectively. On customs paperwork the packages were declared as an “LED flashlight” and a “toy part”. The cap was wrongly marked as an imported gift, while the value of the stun gun was given as $9.99, rather than the £99.95 paid by the Guardian.

The pepper spray pistol was sold directly by Amazon and couriered promptly from its warehouse outside Milton Keynes, where the company has held the product line at least intermittently for 14 months, making sales and replenishing stock levels.

Banned and dangerous weapons found for sale on

This is shocking.