Fracking firms’ tax haven ownership

This includes companies based in tax havens such as Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, all of which were recently placed on an EU tax haven blacklist for being “non-cooperative” with efforts to combat tax avoidance.

45% of Cuadrilla is held by Riverstone Holdings through a Cayman Islands-based investment fund, while another 45% is held by Australian company AJ Lucas, which is 50% owned and substantially bankrolled by Kerogen Capital, registered in the Caymans.

Other leading fracking firms owned by companies registered offshore include Third Energy – which is owned by a division of Barclays bank based in the Cayman Islands – and Celtique Energie, which has sought to frack in South Downs national park.

There is no suggestion that fracking firms, many of which have yet to make a profit, are avoiding tax. Yet the revelations may come as an embarrassment to an industry that has made future tax revenues key to it’s case for shale gas drilling.

Revealed: Cuadrilla and leading fracking firms’ tax haven ownership