NHS trusts are forced to take pay day loans

Some NHS hospitals are so cash-strapped that they are having to take out emergency loans to pay doctors, nurses and other staff salaries every month, HuffPost UK can reveal.

A string of NHS trusts are taking out multi-million pound loans – and having to pay interest on them to the Government – simply to ensure wages are met at the end of each month.

Consultants at the world-renowned Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge have been told that they would not have been paid this month but for a loan from the Department of Health, while staff at Medway NHS Trust were also dependent on a similar finance package.

And the chief executive of one NHS foundation trust in London has even resorted to emailing all staff to reassure them that they will be paid in time for Christmas.

NHS Hospitals Forced To Take Out Emergency Loans To Pay Doctors And Nurses, HuffPost UK Reveals

All these would not have happened if NHS wass properly funded. NHS is one of the world’s most cost effective health system. The main reason why NHS is now nearly £2bn in deficit is because it has been significantly underfunded by the government. No organisation can stand a sustained period of underfunding wihtout experiencing major crises and suffering significantly loss of quality of service in the end.