Greenbelt Report Back

Greenbelt Report Back

Film has powerIntroducing Tipping Point Film Fund’s ‘smallest cinema in the world’

Tipping Point Film Fund spent a very enjoyable weekend in the company of many a lovely festival-goer at the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham. We whisked as many as were willing into our ‘smallest cinema in the world’ and we also chatted film with anyone who would listen.

The result – we know all about the films that have opened your eyes to new issues. If you want to check out your photo or see which films where chosen check out all the images on flickr or facebook.

For a great ready-made list of films ‘to watch’ check out: Blood Diamond, Age of Stupid, The day after tomorrow, It’s a free world, Black Gold, Amazing Grace, Secrets and Lies, Killing Fields, Babel, Bamako, Hotel Rwanda, Gandhi, Slumdog Millionaire, Sicko, Syriana, Cry freedom, American History, Schindlers List, 11th Hour, Constant Gardener, In the name of the father, The Color Purple, An Inconvenient Truth, Burma VJ and London to Brighton to mention just a few!

It was great meeting everyone at the festival and finding out what films get you interested. Post Greenbelt do stay in touch – become a fan of our page on Facebook and visit our website if you want to know more about us.  And remember if you discover a new ‘eye opening’ film do drop us a line and let us know what it is.

We couldn’t sign off with saying a few ‘thankyous’ without which the ‘smallest cinema in the world’ would not have been possible! Special thanks go out to Deb’s ‘man for all jobs’ –the brilliant Bob Elson; Woody and Ben from the Greenbelt crew, and the one and only Ralph …of the festival fire service.  !!Thankyou!!

-And finally – a very big thank you to the Greenbelt Angel for her very generous donation…

Film-makers meet campaigners

Harnessing the power of film

Deborah Burton, co-founder of Tipping Point Film Fund, and Black Gold Producers and Directors Marc and Nick Francis talk about harnessing the power of films and campaigns on The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation website. Click here to watch the clip (scroll to bottom of page).

Not got time to watch the clip?  Nick Francis has this to say:

Tipping Point is crucial to ensure more films like Black Gold continue to made and now is the perfect time for this fund to be launched
– Nick Francis, Producer/Director – Black Gold.

To find out more about the new film from the Producers / Directors of Black Gold click here.