Kickstarter campaign We Are Many

Nov 7th sees the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Amir Amirani’s film ‘We Are Many’. The film definitively tells the story of the 30 million worldwide who marched against the Iraq invasion and how it was globally co-ordinated while, at the same time, the few determined to take us to war made their preparation for it.

While the marches didn’t stop the invasion, they did trigger something unexpected. As the Feb 15th global movement (USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia) co-ordinated itself, it was giving birth to a whole new global online activist movement – one that created networks and global co-ordinated actions we now take for granted. This legacy reaches as far into the present-day such as the Arab Spring, where stories of activists in Cairo, on seeing the London 2003 Hyde Park marchers, said ‘one day we will have our own Hyde Park’. In 2011, they did.

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