China boosts arms exports by 74%, while becoming more self-sufficient

Comparing two five-year periods between 2007-11 and 2012-16, the volume of Chinese exports of major arms increased by 74 per cent. Its share of the global total of exports rose from 3.8 to 6.2 per cent, making it the third-largest supplier in the world, following the United States and Russia.
Unlike the US, which accounts for one-third of exports and supplies at least 100 countries, China delivered major arms to 44 countries, mostly in Asia and Africa. More than 60 per cent of China’s exports went to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar and another 22 per cent went to Africa.

China has also been expanding its market. In 2015, it exported type 90 multi-barrel rocket launchers to Peru, the first time Chinese weapons were used to equip Peru’s armed forces. A report released by the Pentagon last April estimated that China’s arms sales from 2010 to 2014 totalled about US$15 billion.

Vietnam jumped from being the 29th largest importer to the 10th largest, with its imports climbing 202 per cent, the highest growth rate among the top 10 importers.

The Philippines saw an increase of 426 per cent, and Australia, which accounted for 3.3 per cent of the global total in the 2007–16 period, also invested heavily in naval and air force assets to counter a perceived growing threat from China, according to the report.

China boosts arms exports by 74pc, while cutting reliance on outside providers, report finds