CAAT: UK government works ‘hand in glove’ with arms firms

The British government and the UK arms industry have a “politically intimate and hugely compromising relationship” that sees government officials working “hand in glove” with companies promoting weapons exports, according to campaigners who have tracked thousands of meetings between officials and arms trade representatives.

Officials from the government’s dedicated arms export department, the Defence and Security Organisation (DSO), attended more than 1,000 meetings since the 2010 election – more than a third of all meetings recorded by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), which has published data on contact between the government and the arms industry.

The data reveals how crucial the export of British-made weapons and security equipment – totalling £8bn last year – has become to both government and the industry, ensuring that Britain is among the world’s largest arms exporters. …

But nearly a decade on, government support for the defence and security sector vastly outstrips other industries. The DSO, now based within the new Department for International Trade, has more staff than all other sector-specific teams combined.

It is “effectively a voice for arms companies at the heart of power”, said Smith.