Smarter defense spending

By a U.S Marine infantry veteran:

Strengthening the military is not simply a matter of demanding more taxpayer dollars for the Department of Defense. We don’t simply need more defense spending—we need smarterdefense spending. And, if Republicans want to legitimately claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, then they must lay out robust plans to tackle waste and inefficiency within the Pentagon- not just give lip service to the issue. 

On the matter of spending accountability, the candidates should pledge to perform a full audit of the Pentagon’s finances. Audits are required by law for all federal agencies, but no complete audit has ever been performed on the Defense Department. One Congressional review estimated that a comprehensive audit of defense spending would generate $25 billion in annual savings per year. But it will require presidential leadership and congressional support to make it a reality.

Fixing the broken acquisition process is equally critical. An overly complex procurement process, endless paperwork requirements and heavy regulatory burdens have led to the predictable result that only a small number of defense contractors are prepared to participate in the bidding process. Simplifying and repairing this process would encourage greater competition in defense contracting, which could reduce costs while speeding procurement of needed weapons and systems. While there has been some progress on these reforms over the past year, there is still much work to be done and the next administration is going to play a critical role in ensuring reform efforts continue.

GOP candidates need to focus more on waste and inefficiency in Defense budget