UK MoD won’t investigate drone deaths in the Middle East

The Ministry of Defence told the Sunday Herald that it will not investigate reports of deaths on the ground in Syria and Iraq – from anyone but UK military personnel, and ‘local forces’ deemed friendly.

The UK Government is being urged to launch an immediate investigation after independent monitoring group Airwars reported between 72 and 81 civilian deaths in Iraq could be linked to British air strikes.

Revealed: British government refusing to accept evidence of civilian fatalities in UK air strikes

And this from last month,

When asked how many people had been killed in UK airstrikes, a ministry of defence spokesperson responded: “What do you mean by people?”

In terms of the identity of those killed in bombing raids, the MoD conceded that this was “not information we hold readily” as the UK “don’t have combat groups on the ground” to provide immediate intelligence.

The response has raised further concerns among peace campaigners, who accuse the UK Government of dragged the military into another lengthy, expensive and ultimately futile conflict.

Revealed: UK military doesn’t know the number of people it has killed in airstrikes