10 years on – the illegal Wall: Share our film

10 years since the Wall was declared illegal.

As part of our Bethlehem Unwrapped festival
we commissioned film-maker Tom Pursey to record all aspects of the event – from the construction (and subsequent public impact) of the 8m high life size replica WALL that was built in front of St James’s Piccadilly, through to all the live events that spanned our two week festival.

We are releasing our short film to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the declaration in 2004 by the International Court of Justice in The Hague (a UN body) that the barrier being built around the West Bank was illegal and should be pulled down.

We hope you enjoy the film – do feel free to share the link


(Some older computers and mobile devices may not be able to properly display at High Definition resolution. If you have problems watching this video, please turn HD off by clicking the HD button at the bottom-right corner of the video screen.)

And if you would like to take action, War on Want has a petition asking the British government to live up to its obligations under the International Court of Justice advisory opinion:

Best Wishes
Deborah, Justin, Ho-Chih and all at Tipping Point

PS Some news links from the time of the judgement 9th July 2004