Operation Bethlehem at Cambridge

Cambridge Film Festival – Work In Progress Screening

Monday 23rd September, 6.30pm

We are delighted that the Cambridge Film Festival 2013 are screening Leila Sansour’s ‘Operation Bethlehem’ as a work in progress

Leila will join the audience for a post-film discussion.

For more information, see link below.



A work in progress: Daughter to the late founder of Bethlehem University, Leila Sansour returned to the place she was so desperate to escape as teenager with the intention of making a film honouring her father and his relationship with the legendary town. Instead, she found herself compelled to document the wall being built around Bethlehem, transforming the city into an open-air prison patrolled by the Israeli military. Five years later, Sansour has created a touching personal record of her own re-assimilation into her ancestral home, but also an evocative archive of Bethlehem’s cultural and historical riches, and a crucial expose of the threats this history is facing. Allied with a campaign to resist this erasure and preserve the town’s identity as bastion of harmonious multifaith cohabitation in the Middle East, OPERATION BETHLEHEM is a hugely affecting and significant work.

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