Tax and the Civilised Society (8 June 2013)

Saturday 8th June proved to be a truly enjoyable day – two movies plus great discussions and a walk through the quiet streets of the City of London, with all its formidable architecture, bathed in glorious sunshine was a welcome bonus. We had great feedback all round – from walkers to audiences and participants too. What stood out? The quality and depth of the debate and discussion.

Full transcripts and supplementary materials for the events:

Tax Justice Network and Tipping Point Film Fund jointly organised a day of activity in London on Saturday 8th June designed to engage all those – public and campaigners alike – who wanted to know more about why tax matters to society and therefore the need to intensify the spotlight on tax avoidance. The day included two film screenings with panel discussions, a ‘revelatory’ walking tour of the City of London and a great list of contributors.

Saturday 8th June, 10.30am-5.30pm

The day kicked off with a screening of the film ‘We’re Not Broke’ at St Ethelburga’s Centre, followed by a great panel discussion –  tax avoidance, evasion and impact on global south. The transcript/footage of the discussion is available here.

Next was the City of London walk – a tour into the financial heart of darkness. A talk was given by an expert speaker at each of these locations, Bank of England, Mansion House, HSBC Corporate Banking Centre, Goldman Sachs, Guildhall and TheCityUK (advocates for UK financial services industry), to give a overview of City of London – its history, overreaching power and role in British politics and the global finance. We’ve received enthusiastic feedbacks about the talks – both from the speakers and participants! You can follow the tour on paper and read the transcripits of the talks by visiting here.

The days ended with the screening of Ken Loach’s ‘Spirit of 45′ at the Barbican cinema, followed by a panel discussion – reviving the ‘common good’ and how to pay for. The lively discussion was both entertaining and informative. The transcript/footage is available here.

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