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Donate today360° is Tipping Point Film Fund’s network of regular givers.

You can join up as an individual or as part of group – coming together to get inspired by the power of film to make change. 360° degrees means experiencing the whole picture – the full 360°.

360° is to see the real story behind some of the issues we may think we know, to back films that reflect the global inter-connectedness of the rich world and the global south and to challenge prevailing thinking.

360° is giving, watching and campaigning.

Join up as a regular giver and make change through film

Every month our 360° update will show you ways to get involved with Tipping Point Film Fund.

Join Tipping Point Film Fund’s regular giving community – 360° – and help make more great films to be made and to change our world for the better.  Films that are tackling the major issues of our time are changing our global society and their impact is felt from grass roots to the highest level of decision-makers. An Inconvenient Truth, Black Gold, Age of Stupid, End of the Line and Burma VJ are all examples of the power that is harnessed when film-makers and campaigners join forces.

So to the really exciting news in doc land which is the launch of the Tipping Point Film Fund, a new UK initiative to crowd-fund documentaries with big ambitions to change things. It aims to unite ‘campaigning networks, independent film goers and online social networks, through a mix of regular giving, one-off donations and support from major donors’ and I hope so much that it takes off. I’m a massive advocate of ‘crowd-funding’ and this is a perfect opportunity to invite people who love documentaries to roll up their sleeves and help make it happen. So, go donate, OK?!
Charlie Phillips, Sheffield Doc/Fest Regular Giver

Read more about what you get as a member of 360°.

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