Road to Bethlehem secures more funding

Trocaire We are delighted that Irish development agency Trócaire has shown it’s support with a grant of 7,500 EURO towards the finishing fund for Road to Bethlehem. We are looking forward to working with them, and other agencies, on the outreach campaign for the film. As a faith-based organisation Trócaire is united with similar organisations across the world through CIDSE (International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity).

Other recent funders to come on board include CBA DfID Broadcast Media Scheme, which is supporting the film with a grant award of £10,000. The CBA-DFID Broadcast Media Scheme was established in 2001. The CBA (Commonwealth Broadcasting Association) has funding from DFID (the UK Government Department for International Development) to manage the scheme which is editorially independent.  The objective of the scheme is to improve UK  public understanding and awareness of the developing world via the mainstream broadcast media.


The effective outreach of the film is central to our plans. Leila – who has many years experience campaigning on the issues concerning her country –  was recently asked by the Carter Center to travel to Atlanta to make an Open Bethlehem presentation at a conference designed to bring faith agencies together around a new push for the US to play a more constructive role in its policy-making toward Israel/Palestine. It was a hugely successful event in the lead up to President Obama’s first meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his first trip to the Middle East.


Tipping Point Film Fund will be profiling Road to Bethlehem at this year’s Greenbelt Festival – the main focus of the festival this year is on Palestine. Tipping Point Film Fund will be unveiling the ‘world’s smallest cinema’ at the festival in the G-Source tent.  If you are at this year’s festival then please do come and see us.  Not going to the festival?  You can follow what we get up to on Twitter and on Facebook.

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