Danny Glover shows his support

Danny GloverHollywood actor and producer Danny Glover shows his support for Tipping Point Film Fund.

He says:

I’m fully supportive of what Tipping Point Film Fund is doing. To use the medium of film to move and inspire people to get involved in important social justice issues is critical. In the US, we have an opportunity right now – with an administration that is hopefully listening – to exert an influence on how policy is shaped and implemented. We must make use of that opportunity and momentum and ensure our voices are heard.
– Danny Glover – actor, producer and campaigner.

Tipping Point Film Fund co-founders previously campaigned with Christian Aid and Danny Glover on the critically acclaimed film ‘Bamako’, by Abderrahmane Sissako, which was executive produced by Glover and his producing partner Joslyn Barnes of Louverture Films. In the below clip he and Joslyn talk about the issues the film addresses.

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