Thank You To Supporters From Leila Sansour

Dear Friends

Behind me in this picture is Bethlehem, the little town that you and I believe can tell the story of the whole of Palestine. You are getting this e-mail because of the support you have shown me over the past six years as I worked to turn the story of Open Bethlehem into a film – The Road to Bethlehem. Today we are moving into the next phase of the challenge – an audience outreach campaign to work alongside the film’s distribution. The release is planned for Christmas 2011.

Many of you know that my film, The Road to Bethlehem, has already been shown once at the Dubai international Film Festival, and I am delighted to report back that the screening has generated great interest from potential partners worldwide, from European and US cinemas, to President Carter’s Centre and beyond.

In the coming months we will be planning regional meetings among various stakeholders to help shape our plans. Many of uou will  invited to take part alongside political groups, our funding partners as well as industry professionals. So, please stay tuned for our updates.

As ever, our plans are ambitious and they will be impossible to realise without your renewed commitment and support. We are looking to raise a minimum of £25,000 to kick start the campaign and make sure that our base includes influential individuals and institutions in the US. We also need urgent help with an additional sum of £15,000 to go towards the release. This sum will allow us to cover copyright fees for the stunning archive footage and original music featured in the film. It will also allow us to give the film the final cinematic look that will make it so much more attractive to mainstream cinemas. My very funny friend Jeremy Hardy has a few words to say to you on this subject. I am hoping his wisdom will prove persuasive.

Jeremy Hardy’s words of wisdom.

We are keen to speak to each one of you to discuss details so please get in touch if you think you can help. I am currently in London on +44 (0)7814937743. Otherwise you can visit the website of The Tipping Point Film Fund- my key partner in the UK and encourage your friends to donate. It is very easy.

For Bank Transfers (possibly the most convenient) please email so she can pass relevant bank details to you.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you all again for all the kindness and support you showed me over the years and to urge you to join us on the next stage of this journey- The Road to Bethlehem.

My warmest regards to all of you


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