Wishing you a peaceful holiday season

Dear friends, supporters and colleagues,

We hope you have managed to get through the year safe and well.  It has been one more pain-filled year with terrible climate related disasters; widespread hunger in many countries; loss of life as inflatable boats go down in cold seas.

COVID also continued its course as the impact of ‘vaccine apartheid’ became ever clearer.  This shameful state of affairs, together with COP26 coming to the UK, meant that our primary activity would remain our Transform Defence project, launched last December 2020.

Embarking on this new (for us) policy/advocacy work, we set out to deliver a comprehensive set of reports and briefings that can offer new information, insights and roadmaps for ways out of the current failing foreign, defence and international development paradigm.

Afghanistan – back under Taliban control – is to see how deep this failure can go.  This is a catastrophe playing out alongside another: the all too forgotten impact of climate change on the country and its people.  And something else to at at the door of global foreign and defence policy failure is the ever-rising collective budget for high-end military hardware, nuclear weapons and space ‘dominance’ while desperate women, children and men – all too often fleeing the longstanding impact of our post 9/11 conflicts – drown in freezing waters just a few miles from our coastline.

Transform Defence for Sustainable Human Safety speaks to these and many other failures. During the past year, with a focus on G7/G20 and COP26 events, we have successfully laid a solid foundation for a number of specific ‘Transform Defence’ related calls on which to build – with partners – throughout 2022 and beyond.

This achievement is in no small part due to the support of many individuals and organisations both in the UK and internationally who have endorsed, shared and promoted our messages concerning global military spending and emissions and for which we are grateful. Our COP26 materials –Full Page Scotsman Advert, Ice Sculpture Video, Social Media Graphics and Reports- were widely disseminated and downloaded via social media and our Transform Defence website.

Additional heartfelt thanks to all our regular givers, major donors and grant-funders, all of whom make our work possible on this challenging topic.

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Wishing you every good wish for a peaceful festive holiday.
Season’s Greetings from all at TPNS.
Deb, Ho-Chih & Kev