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Become my patron on PatreonApril sees us launch our first major Tipping Point Funding Appeal  – it’s a campaign that we will run from April to June and is being done via the PATREON funding platform.

PATREON is very much about continuous support for creative projects – we are increasingly seeing our work as ‘creative activism’ and feel that this USA platform is the best place for us to showcase our work.

The Tipping Point banner (Tipping Point North South with Tipping Point Film Fund as its main activity to date) embraces support for film through cinema documentaries and occasional in-house short films; a long running film club; and a number of film focussed collaborative events.  It has delivered a number public events on a variety of single issue campaigns (Palestine; tax justice; environment & breast cancer) and has also developed its own in-house campaigns (military spending; environment and breast cancer).

Forthcoming projects will continue to reflect this diverse programme of work as we continue to initiate and deliver activities of a high standard, which reach out to both the public and decision-makers alike.

We are supported primarily through grants and individual (some major) donors. As our work matures and expands, so we also want to expand our small scale individual funding base. So, we are encouraging all our friends and supporters to find out more about what we do and spread the word about out work. We know times are incredibly tough, but if you see the value in the kind of creative activism we undertake, then we would love you to think about supporting our work.

We are a small organisation, with a very small cost base, committed to ethical practise. We believe in this, that

The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you can alter the way people look at reality, then you can change the world.’
James Baldwin

Please find out more on our PATREON PAGE. If you are considering a donation, simply click ‘open an account’ (you can use credit/debit cards or paypal) and follow directions.Have a great Easter.

Best wishes
Deborah, Kevin, Justin and all at Tipping Point

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