From Pink to Prevention – asking Big Questions about Breast Cancer

Dear friends, supporters, colleagues,

From Pink to Prevention –a new campaign

Save the Date for our first campaign meeting on Tuesday 27th January 6.30pm – more details at end of page

Big QuestionWelcome to our new campaign: From Pink to Prevention. We want to:-

  • put the questions out there about environmental and occupational links to breast cancer.
  • offer up some answers as to WHY primary prevention is persistently ignored.
  • make the barriers to primary prevention widely known.
  • focus on the vested interests barrier and share that information with the public, media, sister campaign groups, politicians and policy-makers.
  • identify some key ‘vested interests’ and view their real and potential impact on breast cancer policy, from government through to cancer establishment.
  • provide readily accessible and thoroughly referenced information for the general public.
  • offer simple but innovative actions that can be taken to bring about positive change.

From Pink to Prevention draws on the campaigning expertise of Diana Ward, Helen Lynn and Deborah Burton over the past two decades in raising public, media and political attention to the issues of environmental and occupational links to cancer – especially breast cancer. It follows up the work we started at the No More Breast Cancer Campaign – created as a result of our document Breast Cancer: An Environmental Disease’ published in 2005. We remain deeply concerned by the total marginalization of environmental and occupational links to breast cancer – we believe the ‘pink’ takeover of the disease has played a big part in this, as fundraising has become the predominant ‘pink-driven’ focus for the public. Fundraising is good – but not when it displaces other, equally vital elements of the debate.

We argue that lifelong, low-level exposure to the cocktail of hundreds of MERCS (Mutagens, Endocrine Disruptors, Reproductive Toxins and Carcinogens) in our everyday lives – from pesticide residues in food to chemicals in consumer products and in the workplace – is linked to ever-rising rates of the disease.  As part of this, we want governments and legislators to mark a new approach by acting on the BEST option that is to Ban, Eliminate, Substitute and Tag (label) all known and suspected MERCs for all our environments, living, working, – land, sea and air and our first environment, the womb. This to happen in line with existing legislation such as EU’sREACH and the COSHH hierarchy and by utilising initiatives like the SIN List and GreenScreen.

So, From Pink to Prevention is pre-occupied with one BIG fundamental question – we are asking all those individuals, organisations and institutions with the power to make or to influence decisions affecting public and occupational health in general, and breast cancer incidence in particular – government, the chemicals industry, public health agencies, cancer charities, the cancer establishment, cancer and science research bodies, the breast cancer industry, big pharma, trade unions, and the entire corporate pink-driven industry – to explain to all the women who have had, who now have and who will have breast cancer: WHY they persist in refusing to acknowledge the role of environmental and occupational toxins and other factors of influence (FOIs), e.g. shift work, in breast cancer and WHY they persist in ignoring decades of evidence up to the present day – from organisations such as World Health Organisation and the EU and other respected scientific bodies – on which the link between our lifelong (womb to grave) exposures to toxins and the escalating incidence of breast cancer, among many other diseases, is based.


So that’s the campaign’s BIG QUESTION. Meantime, explore our new site -we have a (great!) stuff we like page – films, recommended sites, further reading; also an extensive ’scientific evidence’ page; and enjoy Diana Ward’s wonderful cartoon gallery here.And if you are new to this issue, you could do no better than to watch this YOUTUBE video by one remarkable woman: Theo Colborn.From Pink to Prevention is based in the UK and Australia – Di Ward and Jennie Brice  in Tasmania, Helen and Deb in London. Last year, as part of the lead up to launching this new campaign, we held screenings of Pink Ribbons Inc and also held our ‘toxic tour‘ in central London –and  we look forward to seeing some of you who joined us on those events  as well as new faces, at our first London campaign meeting on Tuesday 27th January at 6.30pm. We look forward to sharing more information about the campaign, plans for actions, support for this work across Europe and USA; and hearing your feedback on the campaign as we get underway.      


Leigh Day Priory House, 25 St John’s Lane, London EC1M 4LB

Nearest tube station: Farringdon

If you can RSVP to before the meeting, that would help us gauge numbers. Note: some people attending the meeting are allergic to fragrance so the meeting will be a fragrance free one. Hope to see you on 27th January!

Best wishes,

Deb, Di, Helen and Jennie

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