Over-exposure to Plasticizers Causes Breast Cancer

Plasticizers overexposure a breast cancer risk: study,” 21 July 2014, Taipei Times

Overexposure to plasticizers nearly doubles women’s risk of contracting breast cancer, with that likelihood rising among those who have a poor metabolism, a comprehensive study by local researchers has found.

Academia Sinica vice president Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) reported the results of a long-term research study conducted by Academia Sinica, the National Health Research Institutes, National Taiwan University Hospital and other groups.

“Our research team collected urine samples from nearly 12,000 women across seven communities in Taiwan starting in 1991 and tracked 128 female breast cancer patients and 251 women in a control group to analyze the metabolic materials in their urine,” Chen said.

The results indicate that overexposure to plasticizers makes a woman 1.9 times as likely to develop breast cancer and in the case of those with poor metabolisms, that number rises to 3.4. …

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