Toxic chemicals found in children’s clothing

Toxic chemicals are the little monsters in children’s clothing,” Greenpeace, 14 January 2014

… latest investigation has revealed the presence of hazardous chemicals in clothing made by 12 very well known brands; from the iconic kid’s label Disney, to sportswear brands like Adidas, and even top-end luxury labels like Burberry.

The shocking truth is that no matter what type of kid’s clothes we shop for, there’s no safe haven – all of the tested brands had at least one product containing hazardous toxic monsters.

Most parents don’t realise it but these brands are making us unwitting accomplices in the industry’s toxic scandal. These chemicals are not only impacting on local communities – when they are released into rivers from the polluting factories in production centres like China and Indonesia – they are also escaping from people’s clothes and through their washing machines to also pollute our local waterways.

Once released into the environment, the cocktail of hazardous chemicals found in this study can have seriously adverse effects on wildlife – some have even been known to make male fish take on female characteristics! What’s more they can contaminate our bodies via food, air and water and pose health risks to humans, particularly to our immune, reproductive and hormonal systems. …

Unfortunately, many of the chemicals tested for are known to disrupt our hormone systems, and mess with the normal development of our bodies. We may only see these adverse effects much later in lives of our children. …

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