Unleashing Delhi’s solar potential

Delhi can make hay in power sector while the sun shines,” The Economic Times, July 23 2013

As per the report ‘Rooftop Revolution: Unleashing Delhi’s solar potential’ published by NGO Greenpeace, Delhi’s rising power demand could be met by exploiting the solar power potential.

“The city can generate 2,557 MW by using 4.42 per cent of total rooftop space available for photo voltaic systems,” the report, released by former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court A P Shah, said. …
The report said prices per unit of electricity generated through solar power has come down by almost 50 per cent due to introduction of modern technologies and initiatives taken by the players in the field to make it more affordable.

Delhi’s electricity grid infrastructure often collapses under the strain of excess loads. A project of 2 Giga Watt of rooftop solar photo voltaic systems will help stabilize the grid, it said.

The report claimed 62,000 new full-time jobs can be created through the installation solar panels having a capacity to generate 2 GW of electricity.

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