Our Values

Tipping Point North Southhas roots in social justice campaigning, where, to understand the big issues affecting all of us, you need to dive deep into the structures that underpin them. That means working harder to understand a situation; challenging preconceived ideas; being in for the ‘long haul’.

It also, typically, means the rewards are greater because they are fundamentally changing a situation – be it economy, environment, conflict, public health etc. Reveal and expose the root causes on any serious matter of injustice and you are halfway there to making fundamental change.  Our work, in most cases, also seeks to offer up some answers.

We initiate and support projects which seek to make a meaningful contribution to this effort. We have a wide ranging policy and campaigns knowledge base across a range of issues (UK and international) and we have excellent links to the creative industries. Whether we blend these two areas of our activity or not, we constantly want to find creative, imaginative ways to raise conversations with decision-makers and / or the public alike, on issues we believe need to be addressed.

This means we work across different mediums – documentary film; events and festivals. It also means we develop our own stand alone single issue campaigns. We are equally happy developing in-house projects or working in partnership with other organisations. In all cases, ethical practice is central to our work, our partnerships and our funding sources.

‘The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice’. Martin Luther King