TPFF Films


“ The need for documentaries that ask hard political questions is greater than ever, as the main TV producers and channels abdicate their responsibility. So many stories to tell, so few make it to the screen. Good luck to Tipping Point Film Fund.”

Ken Loach – film director and Palme d’Or winner

So far, TPFF has acted as executive producer for two feature-length documentaries:  Open Bethlehem and We Are Many.

We are raising production funding for our fully developed film  The Power of Us about co-operation. The film will show there is a global movement that is offering an alternative to the neoliberal economy and will initiate an urgent and timely global conversation about the power and possibility of co-operation.

Furthermore, we have several films in development, including:

  • a feature documentary about the “war on drugs”;
  • a feature documentary on the much needed “solar revolution”;
  • a long-form drama about arguably the greatest British Prime Minister of the 20th century, Clement Attlee, who was instrumental in the creation of the National Health Service and the welfare state.

“Cinema has an unstoppable power to convince…And I suspect, as the years go by, it will become the only medium with which we can influence the world.”
Robert Fiskjournalist, author of ‘The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East’

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