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Be Part of the Action

You can donate to Tipping Point North South with or without becoming a member of the organisation.

If you join the cooperative then you can get more involved and be part of how we make our decisions.
As a member you:
– have £1 nominal share, non redeemable and to be surrendered on leaving the co-op
– there is no dividend (all profits are returned to Tipping Point North South)
– over and above your £1 share, all other donations you may give are regarded as completely separate

Join Now

The membership application form is available as a printable Adobe Acrobat PDF Document – HERE

Simply complete the form and

(scan and) email to us ( with subject: Membership)


You must also pay £1 as your membership fee.

Tipping Point Film Fund is the trading name of Tipping Point North South Ltd – a non-profit co-operative registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

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