Don’t leave anyone behind

Since 1976 a lot of Britons who do not live in London (or not the nicer parts) have been doing very badly.  The economy is trash if you aren’t connected to the various London money spigots because Britain insisted on de-industrializing.

So, we have a very large number of people who have done very badly for 40 years.  They were given an opportunity to vote against the status quo, and they did so.

Now, I am going to tell you a very big secret.  It’s a secret that the great sages and the sensible people have been telling humanity for thousands of years.

The secret of living in a good society is leaving no one behind.

Sshhhhh.  Actually, scream it to the wind, because no one will believe you.  We think that being assholes and hurting people and making their lives miserable then saying “vote for more of this if you know what’s good for you” is the secret to prosperity.

A lot of people in Britain won from neoliberal policies.  Those people mostly voted to stay in the EU.  If those people had insisted on policies which did not leave everyone behind, especially post 2008, then they would not have lost the referendum.

Now some people will scream “racism”.  Well, perhaps, but I return to this simple fact: racism, nativism, fascism and all that nasty shit thrives when large numbers of people are destroyed economically.

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