An analysis of the ‘Davos Class’

This is worth a look, not only because I helped this research.

TNI takes a close look at the World Economic Forum’s Board to see who they represent, their economic interests and political beliefs. Might this be the future of global governance?


The research showed that:

  • Only 6 of its 24 Board members are women (25%)
  • 16 are from North America and Europe (67%). There is not one African Board member.
  • Half of the Board (12) are currently corporate executives. However if you look at their careers, 16 have a corporate background (67%)
  • 22 of the 24 went to universities in US and Europe; 10 went to the same university (Harvard)
  • Only one member can be said to represent civil society (Peter Maurer of Red Cross). There are no representatives of trade unions, public sector organisations, human rights groups, peasant or indigenous organisations, students and youth.

Who does the World Economic Forum really represent?