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Read about the history, politics, economics, and social aspects of breast cancer and the health care system

Pink Ribbons, Inc. by Samantha King is a good place to start.

A list of books and essays by Breast Cancer Consortium that address breast cancer as personal, political, and social.

A good list of reports, books, films about breast cancer and its prevention by Alliance for Cancer Prevention.

Evaluate health news stories with a critical eye. Health News Review provides excellent criteria on what consumers need to know in stories on treatments, tests, products, and procedures and why.


Pay attention to what is in the products you buy — to check out cosmetics ingredients.

Measurement of paraben concentrations in human breast tissue at serial locations across the breast from axilla to sternum [PDF]

Breast Cancer Fund: Which Chemicals Are Linked to Breast Cancer? > Cosmetics

Women’s Environmental Network (WEN)’s Careful Beauty Checklist

Consumer and Occupational

Find out about issues linking cancer to exposures in the home, workplace and wider environment

Hazards magazine:

EDC Free: (Endocrine Disrupting Chemical)

ChemTrust (EDCs and Breast Cancer)


Think Before You Pink™, a project of Breast Cancer Action.