One Off & Regular Givers + Rewards

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You can support our work by becoming our patron and visiting our page on the established international crowdfunding platform Patreon. Your donation supports a number of projects at any one time.

Regular givers or one-off donors of £200 p/a or more:

  • Regular TPNS/TPFF news and updates
  • Advance notifications of films, events and campaign activities

Fund Angels – Regular givers or one off donors of £800 p/a or more

  • As above
  • Free DVDs of all TPFF supported films
  • Occasional ‘Meet the Directors’ in the UK – drinks and conversation with film directors TPFF is working with
  • Web Recognition – special profile if acceptable

Major Donors – Regular givers or one off donors of £4000 p/a or more

  • All the benefits above
  • Communication about our ideas and proposals of new projects. Get involved and have your say at the early planning stage.

Why your donation makes a difference

When there is so much to challenge in the world, when there is so much to make better, how can one person make a difference? Well you can and supporting films with campaigns is one way – with more impact that you might realise!

Your donation, no matter how small, can help achieve many things on different levels – from bringing a film and its message to the widest possible international audience (general public to decision-makers) through to films that tackle underlying unfair structures that keep many people and nations poor, and this may be economic or environmental, it may embrace human rights or be conflict related.

In the way that the debt cancellation campaign released more money for poor nations than any amount of aid, so films have huge potential to operate in the same way – getting to the root of a problem, revealing it, and pointing the way to deep and meaningful solutions – solutions that involve us, here, in the rich world.

The film ‘Black Gold ’is an example of this – it not only challenged the big coffee importers to operate more fairly, it increased the income for some Ethiopian coffee farmers, as well as being the catalyst for those farmers patenting their coffee bean. And it showed how the World Trade Organisation was profoundly stacked against producers from a country like Ethiopia.

We want to support more films – and campaigns – like that. We need you to catch this vision – and make the future different. One that is fair, just and clean.