How we spend your donations

Major Donors

Donate to support our work

Public donations for our work is greatly appreciated. Donations enable us to cover our core costs; make small grants to projects we want to support; also may be allocated to in-house projects we are developing. These may be Film Fund projects or others developed under our North South banner of activity.

Donors may also specify their funds for certain TPFF/TPNS projects, in which case, we consider these funds restricted. In all cases, we take 10% of these restricted funds as a contribution to overhead.

Our first two films – OPEN BETHLEHEM and WE  ARE MANY have both come to fruition, released in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

We are now working on a new slate of projects and continue our work to make our film THE POWER OF US

Tipping Point North South intends to make Tipping Point Film Fund a truly people-powered sustainable film fund via crowdfunding on Patreon.

Our first wave Patreon targets are focused on our TPNS/TPFF admin/core costs, which include some of the costs incurred in managing events, film projects and campaigns (both films and non-film related.)

Our more ambitious Patreon target is focused on raising significant funds for our Film Fund projects.

Tipping Point North South supports and initiates creative, campaign-driven projects that advance the global social justice agenda. TPFF is an activity of Tipping Point North South