Funds raised to date

Funds raised to date

Funds raised to date

Between 2009 and 2014 Tipping Point Film Fund was a major part of the successful fundraising effort for Leila Sansour’s film Open Bethlehem. Included in this was a fundraising evening hosted by Amnesty International which raised £30,000; subsequently TPFF helped raise £85,000 towards production and post production funding through trust funds and NGOs; £20,000 towards marketing and release, all from individuals, faith groups and organisations and £10,000 towards outreach.

Tipping Point Film Fund has raised £50k+ development funding for projects including Cashback (working title); The Power of Us and We Are Many.

Additionally, it partnered with Amirani Films to raise production funding of £130k, including a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2011 raising £70k.

Tipping Point Film Fund also made a small award to Just Do It by Emily James, as part of its crowd funding appeal for production funding.


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