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Fund Angels

Tipping Point Film Fund is seeking to grow its production and campaigns fund by building a community of ‘fund angels’ – individuals who are willing to contribute £800 or more to the fund annually. We want to achieve a base of 300-500 such committed giving individuals – key to truly growing and sustaining the fund.

As a Tipping Point Film Fund angel, you are an ambassador for the fund as well as incentivising others to give so that, together, we can support outstanding films on key issues to be made. In return, we will embrace your support individually as well as through our patron network.

If you are considering becoming a fund angel, please do contact us – by email, phone or post. We would love to talk more to you and share our vision. You can become our fund angel by visiting this page.

Rewards for Fund Angels (£800+ p/a)

  • 2 free tickets to any chosen TPNS/TPFF events in the UK throughout the year
  • Regular TPNS/TPFF news and updates
  • Advance notifications of films, events and campaign activities
  • Free DVDs of all TPFF supported films
  • Occasional ‘Meet the Directors’ in the UK – drinks and conversation with film directors TPFF is working with
  • Web Recognition – special profile if acceptable
  • Angel-only communication and updates

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