Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question for us?  Check out the below as this is a list of the most frequent questions that we are asked.  Your question not on the list?  Then contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.

Information for film-makers…

At the moment, we are unable to take on new projects.

We are a small organisation that fully commits to the projects its supports and given our limited capacity, we can only commit to a small number of projects at a time, usually over a 3-5 year cycle.  Our first projects – Open Bethlehem and We Are Many – both had their UK cinema release during period 2014-2016 and North America releases 2016-18, with ongoing screenings up to the present. Both are also available on dvd/i-tunes.

In addition, we have produced a number of TPNS campaign related short films and currently have two in–house feature documentaries in development.

Our in-house developed documentary The Power of Us hopes to be in production over the next 12-18 months. On all projects, our role is usually in an executive producing capacity.

Frequently asked questions

Why we are a non-profit co-operative.

There are tight laws that govern what charities can say and do – we want to be free to cause a stir so we are set up as a non-profit cooperative.

As TPFF projects will inevitably address political issues, it was not appropriate to register for charitable status, making TPFF donations not eligible for tax relief or gift aid.

Can you fund my film?

At the moment, we are unable to take on new projects, sorry!

As of 2019/20

Since 2019/20 we have committed to spending much more time and capacity on our campaigning/advocacy work, which, combined with our film activity, is what constitutes Tipping Point North South. This especially includes our military spending/emissions work (Transform Defence) and our Palestine work (Make Apartheid History).

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