Films & Campaigns

Great non-fiction films can change our world. They can create momentum behind new thinking and become a catalyst for change. But sometimes the money isn’t there to back the film or the vision. We want to fill that gap.

We are inspired by what has come before us. By those whose  films – linked with effective campaigning –  have gone on to make real impact on tough issues. On climate change, films such as An Inconvenient Truth and Age of Stupid; on trade or debt, Black Gold or Life and Debt; on human rights, films like Ghosts of Abu Ghraib or The Devil Came on Horseback. These films are increasingly making impact through distributors like Dogwoof who have championed campaigning outreach of films like Black Gold, Age of Stupid and Burma VJ.

Tipping Point North South has created its Film Fund so that we can raise an additional stream of funding to support films that truly can make a difference to our world. We are proud to be working with committed, creative and skilled film-makers like Leila Sansour and Amir Amirani who also, like us – and like you – share the belief that we all have a role in the struggle for a just and equitable world.