PFI has sucked NHS funding dry

The NHS has more than 100 PFI hospitals. The original cost of these 100 institutions was around £11.5bn. In the end, they will cost the public purse nearly £80bn. The total UK PFI debt is over £300bn for projects worth only £55bn. This means that nearly £250bn will be spent swelling the coffers of PFI groups.

Just imagine what could buy for that in a time of supposed austerity. My rough calculations suggest it would cover the salaries for all the nurses, all the consultants and all the GPs needed to serve the NHS for 10 years – and you would still have billions left over to train the next generation or two of surgeons, build 80 state of the art hospitals, and treat tens of thousands of cancer patients for a year.

To put it more simply: it would cover the entire NHS budget for approximately two and a half years.

If you think there is no money for NHS funding you’d be right – PFI has sucked it dry