Tories’ deception: NHS massively underfunded

The doctors’ union points out that the Department of Health’s budget to fund health in England will only have gone up by £4.5bn by 2020-21 compared to the current financial year, well below the £10bn extra the government has pledged to increase it by. …

The BMA bases its claim on joint projections by the King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation thinktanks. They found that Osborne’s spending reviewlast November means that the Department of Health’s budget will rise by just £4.5bn during this parliament – to £120.9bn by 2020 – but that NHS England’s share of it to pay for frontline services will go up by £7.6bn to £108.9bn.

The increase share is due to a £3bn cut over that time to other parts of the NHS budget, such as funding for Nice, the Care Quality Commission and training and education of nurses, doctors and midwives. Critics have accused minsters of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”….

It is an open secret at NHS England that its leadership – Stevens and other key figures, including the chairman, Prof Sir Malcolm Grant, and the medical director, Prof Sir Bruce Keogh – think the £8bn is far too little and that the £22bn savings target is unachievable.

Doctors accuse Tories of deception over ‘extra £10bn for NHS’ claim