I Will Tell International Film Festival

I Will Tell Film FestivalThe I Will Tell International Film Festival

As part of the I Will Tell International Film Festival Tipping Point Film Fund will be taking part in the Q&A session for Burma VJ screening.

If you are interested in coming along the screening is at 6pm on Friday 11th September at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leceister Square in London’s West End.  Book tickets and find out more information about this screening and the rest of the festival here.

Tipping Point Film Fund are delighted to be a part of this exciting festival, running from the 1st – 12th September 2009 at the Prince Charles Cinema, in Leicester Square. With award-winning films, post-screening discussions, director Q&As, workshops, comedy shows, matinee screenings, family day, short films, Hip Hop Gala and a closing gala party at a secret venue in Leicester Square, there’s plenty of inspiration for everyone. We will see you there!

Launch Success

Launch Success

And we’re off…

Launch PartyOne hundred and fifty people gathered together to celebrate the launch of Tipping Point Film Fund. If you came along – or even if you didn’t – check out our photos from the event on Flickr.  Not only did we have a great shin-dig and chance to catch up with lots of lovely people but we also got a whole host of media coverage.

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Tipping Point Film Fund launches

TPFF launchesFilm lovers and activists have come together to bring films with a conscience  to the big screen.  Tipping Point Film Fund is an innovative, not-for-profit fund to help finance the making of documentary films launching in London on 8th July.

Tipping Point Film Fund (TPFF), supported by The Co-operative, is extending the idea of ‘crowd funding’, whereby independent filmmakers can tap into their networks in order to raise production funding.  TPFF aims to grow its donor base by reaching out to campaigning networks, independent film goers and online social networks, through a mix of regular giving, one-off donations and support from major donors.

Through these routes, TPFF aims to create a rolling, sustainable fund that can support a number of films at any time, and which can ultimately contribute a large enough portion of a production budget to ensure it can be made and allow creative independence. Equally important will be TPFF’s involvement in the outreach of the film at home and abroad.

TPFF founders are a unique mix of film and campaign professionals whose experience with documentaries such as ‘Black Gold’ (www.blackgoldmovie.com) led them to explore the potential of traditional charity donors funding films that advance public and political debate.

As feature documentaries about social and environmental issues find a growing global audience, the struggle for production funding remains constant – despite the recognition that such films can and do contribute to significant social change.  We want to create a new funding stream for accessible and cinematically strong social issue feature documentaries. To be able to support such film-makers, we want to build a donor base of regular givers – people who are excited by and see value in directly supporting films for change. People of all ages, all walks of life, who want to come with us on the journey from development, through to distribution to campaigning.
– Deborah Burton, Co-founder Tipping Point Film Fund.
The Co-operative has three million members and a unique 165 year history of campaigning. Using a democratic co-operative model, we believe that Tipping Point Film Fund can play a unique role in bringing important untold stories to people’s attention, and hope that these films will help mobilise our members and the general public”.
– Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals and Sustainability at The Co-operative.

TPFF co-founders previously campaigned with Danny Glover on the critically acclaimed film ‘Bamako’, by Abderrahmane Sissako, which was executive produced by Glover and his producing partner Joslyn Barnes of Louverture Films.

I’m fully supportive of what Tipping Point Film Fund is doing. To use the medium of film to move and inspire people to get involved in important social justice issues is critical. In the US, we have an opportunity right now – with an administration that is hopefully listening – to exert an influence on how policy is shaped and implemented. We must make use of that opportunity and momentum and ensure our voices are heard.
– Danny Glover – Actor, producer and campaigner

Download the full launch press release.
All media enquiries to Thea Palmer – 0772 3090 787.

Burma VJ: The Saffron Premiere

Burma VJ

Burma VJ: The Saffron Premiere

The Co-operative is bringing to life the film Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, the award-winning story of the continuing fight for democracy in Burma. The film tracks the brave new breed of young ‘video journalists’ who, using hidden cameras, put their lives on the line to tell the real story of the 2007 Burmese uprisings and the subsequent repression by the ruling military regime.

On the evening of 14 July, The Co-operative is launching the movie with an exciting film event. Cinemas across the country will be linked live to the BAFTA in London to create the ‘Saffron Premiere’, so named after the distinctive orange robes of the Burmese monks. The evening will include a full film screening, as well as a one-off chance to join a live debate with the makers of the film.

The launch of Burma VJ marks 10 years of The Co-operative campaigning for democracy in Burma. This has included The Co-operative Bank’s decision to decline finance to any commercial organisation with a significant presence in Burma, and more recently The Co-operative Travel’s decision to delist the country as a tourist destination, as well as consistent awareness raising amongst our members and the general public.

Find out more:

City Circle welcome film as a way to make change

The City Circle

Friday 19th June – Maxim Sansour from the Open Bethlehem campaign and Deborah Burton, co-founder Tipping Point Film Fund talk at the City Circle.  The City Circle is a charity that promotes the development of a distinct Muslim identity through debate as well as practical and progressive solutions to community problems.

Open Bethlehem is an international public relations campaign set-up to address the state of emergency in Bethlehem and is the campaign linked to Road to Bethlehem. The campaign aims to bring world attention to the crisis facing the city by reaching out to decision-makers, faith leaders and the media and acting as a route into Bethlehem for initiatives of all kinds. Above all, they aim to build a positive legacy for Palestine and the wider region by reasserting Bethlehem’s unique historical character as a living example of an open and multi-faith Middle East.

Open Bethlehem is a non-violent attempt to save a city that belongs to many in the world. It is unconscionable that Bethlehem should be allowed to die slowly from strangulation.
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Open Bethlehem is an admirable project.
– President Jimmy Carter

Open Bethlehem is an initiative set up to address the state of emergency in Bethlehem, Palestine, that has secured global attention as well as endorsements from such world figures as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter. Open Bethlehem aims to bring international support to a ‘Save the City’ campaign to help reverse the erosion of Bethlehem’s historic character and the dissipation of a community that stands as a living example of a multi-faith and multi-ethnic Middle East.

To find out more about ‘Road to Bethlehem’ film and the Open Bethlehem campaign – read on…

Maxim Sansour is a founding board member of Open Bethlehem and a former communications advisor to the United Nations, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Palestinian Central Elections Commission.

Film-makers meet campaigners

Harnessing the power of film

Deborah Burton, co-founder of Tipping Point Film Fund, and Black Gold Producers and Directors Marc and Nick Francis talk about harnessing the power of films and campaigns on The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation website. Click here to watch the clip (scroll to bottom of page).

Not got time to watch the clip?  Nick Francis has this to say:

Tipping Point is crucial to ensure more films like Black Gold continue to made and now is the perfect time for this fund to be launched
– Nick Francis, Producer/Director – Black Gold.

To find out more about the new film from the Producers / Directors of Black Gold click here.