Tipping Point Services

We are regularly asked to provide advice on a variety of activities that embrace film and the wider development agenda, in particular issues concerned with economy, environment and conflict. In response to this, we are developing a consultancy under the Tipping Point North South banner.

We can offer in-house expertise in film programming, collaborative events, social change campaigning, where film is the key tool to understanding more deeply the big issues of our day, in particular the relationships between the developed, rich world and the developing world – the global south.

We are also increasingly partnering with other organisations to collaborate on issue-based projects or events.


The services we can offer fall primarily into these categories:

Advisory consultancy 

  • Films & campaign development – for film-makers seeking in-depth advice on how to shape campaign outreach for their projects, Tipping Point can offer considerable knowledge and expertise at any stage.
  • Events – from events with a film component through to film festival programming.
  • Film education, new audiences & outreach – using film to illustrate and more deeply appreciate the often hidden story of how the rich world interacts with the developing world, whether this be through an environmental, economic or human rights prism. A bespoke package can be created for a variety of needs, depending on the institution eg. educational, business, local authority, etc.
  • Crowdfunding – from purely advisory to hands-on management of online campaigns.


More and more of our work is partnership focused. It may be film based, campaign based or a mixture of both and to date, has embraced a range of partners of partners: Tax Justice Network, Greenbelt, Christian Aid, The Lexi Cinema, St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and ReconciliationThe Alliance for Cancer PreventionThe Organic Pharmacy.

For more information on any of the above and rates charged please e-mail info@tippingpointnorthsouth.org.