Where We All Come From

We hope there could be a place for a much bigger context setting as part of the events and philosophy underpinning our 2018 dream. We would hope some of the ideas below could flow through the project also.  The human species is so young in the history of the universe – we have got so much so wrong, but we have also got so much so right. Let’s know who were, where we live and where we come from.

– WHO ARE WE, this human species? Remarkably, all of us can trace our genetic lineage back to just one particular female at the time in East Africa 200,000 years ago. We are all descended from Africa.

– WHERE WE LIVE We inhabit one speck in the universe. The Pale Blue Dot as Carl Sagan wrote. Neil De Grasse Tyson’s Cosmos updated Sagan’s work and could be an ambassador for 2018.

– WHAT MAKES US HUMAN  The best of what we arelove, compassion, the search for truth, justice – and holding all in trust for the next generation

As we move through this 21st century, imagine how our future is changing. It looks clean and green, female as much as male, diverse, fair and equitable, representative.

Paleoanthropologist Zeresenay Alemseged looks for the roots of humanity in Ethiopia. Here he talks about finding the oldest skeleton of a humanoid child — and how Africa holds the clues to our humanity.

Updated March 2016